hour lesson


Hour lessons allow for a good warm up, thorough exercise and conditioning, and a lot of time to work through music. If you are preparing for a performance or audition, a full hour will ensure that you have enough time to exercise, understand each concept, and have plenty of time to sing. An hour is recommended for those taking lessons every other week or that need to just "check in" now and then irregularly. An hour lesson is 55 minutes in length.

half-hour lesson


Lesson consistency is the most effective way to build your voice and sharpen your skills. Meeting for a shorter time more frequently allows you to be sure that the time, energy, and resources you are investing are getting you to your goals faster. Time will be dedicated to singing a song or a difficult passage, but much of the lesson will be spent conditioning and exercising. Balance your voice on a consistent basis to build strength and agility each week or every other week. A half-hour lesson is 25 minutes in length.

consultation/first lesson

$10 off

Whether you are new to lessons or an experienced singer, you may wonder if we are a good fit? An initial consultation is a 20-minute session that includes a voice evaluation, strength building exercises specific to your voice, and a plan for your vocal development. Leave with a clear idea of how a typical lesson progresses, how I work as a teacher, and how I can help you reach your singing goals.  More experienced singers may choose a discounted full-hour lesson.

* Former studio members from Winthrop, please contact me for a discounted rate.

lesson packages

10% off

10% discount on all 3+ lesson packages purchased together.

Schedule recurring appointments below and email me directly through my CONTACT page for invoice payment. 

24 Hour Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

Regardless of circumstances, lessons not cancelled and rescheduled at least 24 hours before their start time will be charged a full rate. Advanced notice is required in order to fill your lesson slot. Thank you for your consideration.